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Spanish 1

Spanish 1 will complete the full curriculum within the school year; it is recommended that students have a grasp of essential English grammar rules (parts of speech, verb tenses, etc.) prior to taking this class. Supplemented with music, games, role playing, and collaborative opportunities in the classroom, this class will balance verbal fluency with grammatical understanding in a fun, engaging environment.  Geography and cultural studies of Spanish-speaking countries will also be incorporated. Approximately 1.5-2 hours of weekly homework assignments will expand upon, reinforce, and solidify classroom learning.

Starting Date: 
Thu, 2020-08-27
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Days of the Week: 
Monthly Tuition: 
Material Fee: 
Material Fee: 
Per Semester ($50 Total) Non-Refundable

Eliana Reece was raised in a bilingual home speaking Portuguese and English. She obtained Bachelors degrees in both Spanish and Film from California State University, Long Beach. She feels that as our world grows smaller each day, the ability to communicate effectively and meet people where they are is increasingly important; speaking more than one language can help facilitate that connection. She and her husband have 3 children; their sons are college students and their 6th grade daughter is homeschooled.