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Biology with Labs

This course covers botany, human anatomy and physiology, zoology, and cellular biology and genetics. It also includes chapters on ecology and evolution, and makes a great case for creation with specific facts that are confirmed throughout the book by looking at the intricate design of God’s creation. In class we will discuss the chapter and complete most of the labs in the lab book to aid in understanding of the material. The labs will include dissections of a sheep eye and heart, bullfrog, perch, starfish, crayfish, and earthworm.

Materials Needed:  Abeka Biology 4th edition student text, Field & Laboratory Manual 4th edition, binder, and colored pencils.

Starting Date: 
Thu, 2020-08-27
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Days of the Week: 
Monthly Tuition: 
Material Fee: 
Material Fee: 
Per Semester ($40 Total) Non-Refundable
Other Required Books: 
Colored Pencils

Karen Stokes holds a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from N.C. State University. She has been a homeschool mom for 10 years and has been teaching science to students for the past 8 years. She likes to take a hands-on approach to science, giving students the opportunity to experiment with concepts they are learning. She loves helping students understand complicated scientific concepts and the world around them.