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Title: Beginner Piano Lessons

Teacher: David Headley

Starting Date: Month of June

Class Meeting Day(s): Monday and Thursday

Time(s): 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (Exact times vary for each student)

Grades: K - 12

Cost: $29.00 Per Half Hour Private Lesson

Description: These lessons are introductory private piano lesson. Students will learn all the basic music symbols, how to keep time and rhythm, identify all 12 notes on the keyboard and sheet music, and how to read them while playing beginner piano music. Students will learn music theory and history as they progress in their ability to play different music styles including classical, pop, sacred and many more. Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on the student's first lesson.

Materials Needed: Introductory music books assigned by the teacher (more specific information to come)

About the Teacher:  David is a piano player who started taking lessons at the age of 9. Over the years, he has advanced from children's recitals to church services, weddings and more. While he is most comfortable playing at home, he does love to perform on stage and is excited at the opportunity to teach others how to play like him!

About the Teacher:  David Headley - David is a piano player who started taking lessons at the age of 9.  Over the years, he advanced from children’s recitals to church services, weddings, and more.  David is a very accomplished pianist and is eager to teach each student to play and love piano as much as he does.