02nd Grade Handwriting Curriculum


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2nd Grade Printing Teacher's Guide is the guide for the second grade workbook, Printing Power. This teacher's guide gives you the latest resources and strategies for teaching handwriting in only 15 minutes per day. Lessons align with the Common Core State Standards. Contains technology links for lesson extensions and support, home links to facilitate school-to-home connection, video links to demonstrate lessons and activities, curriculum connections, More to Learn to extend each lesson, extended teaching guidelines to incorporate handwriting all year, ELL and support strategies provide suggestions for modifying or reinforcing a lesson. With these new tools, you'll have everything you need to help children master handwriting, build confidence, and write automatically, without thinking about how to form their letters. Throughout every teacher's guide, you will see the smiley face icon to visit A Click Away. This is an exclusive resource for users to supplement their handwriting instruction.


This is the third of a seven book series (K-6th grade) providing instruction in basic italic handwriting. Book C is designed for the early reader and is especially recommended for grade two, however it is also suitable for the latter part of grade one or early grade three.

Every page has models to trace, letters, words, and/or sentences to write in the spaces provided. On some pages, the writer completes a given line by writing a "best" letter in the empty box, showcasing the child’s best work.

In addition to a review of the basic italic, an introduction to cursive italic is presented to assist the child in learning the fundamentals of the cursive hand.

The books were designed so that a child may begin anywhere in the series, even though they have never before learned italic. Each book begins with a comprehensive review for that particular level. For example if a child is in the 4th grade, and can write at that grade level, they can begin with Book E without having to work through any of the previous books, adding to the versatility and cost-effectiveness of this series.

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When trying to learn to write brought her little boy to tears, Jan Olsen found a remedy. She shares her creative suggestions and learning tips in this excellent "how-to" book which helps you determine if your child is ready to start handwriting. If not, no problem-there are plenty of hands-on readiness activities such as using "letter manipulatives" (pattern and instructions provided). This program includes unique ideas for helping children learn to write their letters and numbers without frustration, tips for the left-handed child, discussion on why it is important to teach capitals first and why standard handwriting paper just confuses children. The author even has remedies for the common mistakes children make, such as letter reversals, floating letters, etc.
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Imitation is important in education, but so is the object of that imitation. What to write is just as important as how to write. Not only do we want our littlest ones to form beautiful letters, we want them to copy beautiful words. If the goal is to take full advantage of each precious moment in education, why waste copybook time on anything less than the best? After looking long and hard for high-quality copy books, we finally decided to create our own! Our Primary Copy Books are three-in-one wonders that include memory passages, copybook exercises, and drawing pages. Primary Copy Book teaches penmanship, basic grammar, spelling, literature, accuracy, attention to detail, and memory--all through the simple skill of copying. We have selected Scripture from the King James Bible (chosen for its poetic verse) and classic children s poems, such as those by Robert Louis Stevenson, which describe the world in charming detail. The clean, facing pages provide plenty of space for your neophyte to draw and color the glorious passages provided. In years to come, you will cherish these journals of your child s work. The series includes three books, each with more than thirty-five passages, for beginning writers in Kindergarten-2nd Grade. Each starts with slightly larger margins and decreases gradually over the three-year series. Students begin tracing, then move to copying directly under modeled words. Eventually students are asked to copy passages from the left page onto lines on the right page. Emphasizing care and accuracy, students learn how to be patient and take pleasure in getting it right.