Title: Chemistry/Physics (Young Explorers Series)

Teacher: Leisha Pooser

Starting Date: August 20, 2019

Class Meeting Day(s): Tuesday

Time(s): 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Grades: 4th - 6th

Cost: $50 per month / $45 per month sibling discount (select Sibling discount)

Materials Fee: $25 per semester ($50 total)

Description:  Young scientists will study the fascinating world of chemistry and physics. They will explore the properties of matter and the basic building block of life (atoms and molecules). Students will be introduced to physics concepts such as the laws of motion and thermodynamics. Students will take a thorough look at energy in its many forms and continue their studies with electricity and magnetism. The study of simple machines will round out the year. The activities, experiments and projects are sure to delight and inspire students in the acquisition of foundational knowledge about their world and its Master Designer.

Materials Needed: Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics student text and student notebook, colored pencils

About the teacher: Leisha Pooser attended Gateway College of Evangelism, majoring in Christian Education. She has taught school since 1997 and has taught at Landmark for the past 7 years. Leisha enjoys sharing the wonderful world of science with her students.