1920 ALGEBRA 2


Title: Algebra 2

Teacher: David Headley

Starting Date: August 22, 2019

Class Meeting Day(s): Thursday

Time(s): 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Grades: 7th - 12th

Cost: $50 per month 

Materials Fee: None

Description:  This is a high school credit course for Algebra 2. Some of the topics covered this year will be: graphical solution of simultaneous equations, scientific notation, radicals, roots of quadratic equations including complex roots, properties of real numbers, factoring, inequalities and systems of inequalities, logarithms and antilogarithms, conic sections, exponential equations, basic trigonometric functions, algebra of polynomials, vectors in polar and rectangular form, algebraic word problems and more.

Materials needed: Saxon Algebra 2 3rd edition text book and solutions manual, ruler, protractor, compass, and TI‐84 Plus calculator.

About the teacher: David Headley was homeschooled his entire life and excelled at math. He is graduating this summer with his bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He is excited to help other students understand math and overcome their frustration with the subject.